Color Changing Eyeglasses

Color Changing Eyeglasses

The principle of a color-changing lens is a special chemical reaction of ultraviolet light.The color change depends on the ositive or negative reaction of molecules.

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The principle of color-changing lens is a special chemical reaction of ultraviolet light.

The lens contains millions of molecules of certain substances, such as silver chloride or silver halide. When exposed to the ultraviolet light of sunlight, these molecules undergo a chemical process. The new molecular structure absorbs some of the visible light, which darkens the lens. 

When you come indoors and leave the ultraviolet light, the corresponding chemical inverse changes will occur. When they suddenly leave the ultraviolet light, these molecules will quickly return to their original structure, thus losing the ability to absorb light.

Whether it is positive or negative reaction, the whole process takes place very quickly.

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